The name “KALLUNA” – Originate from Heather’s scientific name, “Calluna Vulgaris.” comes from the Greek “Kallyno.” It can represent admiration, beauty and good luck, and it can also be associated with solitude and protection.

Who is “Kalluna”? A well-traveled gril, who admires the beauty of the earth, loves art, nature & good food also a calm & easy-going girl

Why Choose Us ?

Located in the heart of Yogyakarta, Kalluna offers you an exquisite experience like no other. With bohemian and tropical inspired architecture you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor areas where it offers you bliss, coziness and holiday vibes in the middle of the busy city.

Kalluna serves unique dishes which inspired from Latin American, Asian, Europe and Middle-eastern

  • 175 various menus 
  • No lard, no pork, no MSG
  • Homemade sauce, bread, pasta, etc all with fresh ingredients


Become a top notch, warmest and exquisite restaurant for all market segmentations both local or international.


  • Become the #1 tourist destination in Yogyakarta
  • Exist as top of mind all-day dining restaurant by local
  • Provide delectable and flavorsome without preservatives dishes choices
  • Create cozy, tropical, blissful, and bohemian vibes in a place where happine